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Welcome to our webshop!

To be clear, we don't know a "We". Exclusive Pyro is a one-man company and has been run mostly by a single person for over 3 years and that is me, Tim. What does that mean? In this story I want to take you through the origins of this company and a number of products, to give you a clearer idea of what our company stands for. I would therefore like to mention that no image, statement, or expression should instigate irresponsible/illegal behavior. We assume that the visitors/customers of this webshop have the common sense to take responsibilities where necessary. Regardless of where you come from or whatever your background is.

I was born 'Pyro' and businessman. With quite a bit of experience with fireworks to display. I have different ambitions and you don't find me bored easily. You are likely to find me at national firework shows. Through comparing and setting off many kinds of fireworks during the past 10 years, both at home and abroad, I have gained a lot of experience in studying fireworks and knowing how they work. I have seen how legislation differs per country and how the environment reacts to it. What is often missing in this world is, in my opinion, the right knowledge. A lot has changed in recent years which is part of the reason why this webshop was created. Not only because I wanted to create something positive, but also because it kept me engaged in a positive way! It is a place where I can put my energy into and sometimes work hours until early in the morning. One of my first products was created in late 2016. This was the Jetroll with a series of firecrackers. I took a photo on vacation in Croatia and it was soon shared on Instagram! Because it was a lighter with a unique way of ignition, I thought it had something exclusive. It was my first selected product for my webshop that brought visible success. Because my reach became bigger and bigger on social media and my prices were very friendly, I eventually grew into a webshop in 2017. In February it became official with Chamber of Commerce number etc. I received respect from different quarters and I wanted to share our passion with you in this way! Together we have to show that Pyro is more than just what the media portrays today. If you have personal questions about this, you can always contact us (check out our SocialMedia page). Whether we have an answer for you is another matter. Of course, the barbecue fanatic or the lady who likes to light her candles or cigarettes is also more than welcome. :) Whatever your background, origin or hobbies are, you are welcome! #notodiscrimination

To introduce myself, my name is Tim and I am born in Noord-Holland, from where I later in 2018 moved to 't Hof van Twente. I am 24 years old and officially still live at my parent's place, where I run my online store. In addition to my webshop, I like to be involved in signing, for which I travel a lot in the Netherlands and abroad. This webshop has also partly made that possible! Without this knowledge, I would have never gotten this far. You might not have missed that one of my hobbies is photography. Namely, almost all oft he expressions that you see on the webshop and social media have been shot by myself. The banners are designed by myself. And the webshop was also designed by me, with the help of Robin, a buddy who I am still regularly grateful for!

You can perhaps imagine that a lot of time goes into this webshop. You may have also realized that almost all of our products are handcrafted. For example, almost all of our lighters are wrapped by hand in a high-cast HQ vinyl print. And some are even sprayed with spray paint or effect paint. In addition, even a number of lighters (Arc-X) have Hydro dipping, which equals a lot of effort! And of course, we have our handmade dummies and key rings, all developed by ourselves, by trying new materials and implementing the customer's wishes. Dummies and key rings based on fireworks, not real fireworks. We also cut all our stickers ourselves, we make ashtrays ourselves and we even wrap money boxes! All with our own design, unless stated otherwise. For example when programs with fixed costs are attached and investments have been made. I can therefore tell you that the business world is just a world full of gambling, where you earn if all goes well... And where mistakes are made. For example when you work with new people or when you make new investments. It's gambling that keeps it fun and exciting. Sometimes things go wrong, and there are always people who don't keep their word. Fortunately, in general, a lot is going well. And I always try to keep things positive. In 2019 I invested in a 3D printer for some of our dummies and key rings, I bought a cutting machine and I bought a printing press. Furthermore, the workspace has been renewed at the new location and new material has also been mixed into some of our products, namely: Epoxy! A material that is very sensitive to temperature, air pressure, chemicals, and plastics. I did have several failed experiments for this and had to make the necessary double investments. But in the end, I am very proud of the result on the end product the "Arc-X Special"! This lighter will hopefully attract a lot of new attention this year and give many people a unique and new experience of fire. "We" offer more than 300 products on our webshop now, neatly displayed in 17 clear categories. And 2020 seems to be our best year, despite the incredible consequences of the so-called Corona policy. It is too sad to put into words how many people are victims of this. And I hope that I can give many people positive energy by spreading our products. The fact that I have already mentioned the word twice, is more than enough. Let's hope that better and especially brighter times will soon arrive! #togetherpyro

 have said before that I am grateful to the community for their support, but I would still like to mention this. For example, many unboxings have been done in recent years that have been granted a place on one of the many fireworks channels. See Unboxing Videos. The fact that this community exists, ensures that more and more people are thinking that fireworks are not about violence and demolition, as the media likes to portray it. That it is a form of fun and celebration. That we are also people with brains, and that we purely want to pursue a hobby! In this way, I hope to motivate you to take responsibility and to take yours and others safety seriously. I cannot and do not want to go into this much deeper.
As mentioned earlier, I am also active as a signmaker and I earn my money with this in my general life. So if you are involved in this in any form whatsoever as a customer or at all, you can always contact me for questions via the email address or social media that are displayed on our Contact page. If you are interested in my work as a photographer, be sure to take a look at my photography Instagram! Click here. Amongst other things, I do portraits, preferably in combination with smoke and Bengal flares. Do you need someone for product photography? Then you can especially contact me!
I hope to have given you a small idea of what Exclusive Pyro stands for, and where I want to go. We are aware that it is an unstable market and as previously stated on Social Media, 2020 will be our last year that we will actively act as a webshop. Included all the service, administrations etc it is too much work for a small company. And our upkeep has been very time-consuming throughout the years. So there is also a chance that products that become sold out during this year and some will stay permanently sold out! If you are already a customer of ours, I would, of course, like to thank you for your interest and I hope that our products will provide many years of enjoyment. We are ready for 2020 and in any case, I'm going to rock! Who's ready for 2021 ?!

Pyro is always fusing, so is time. Enjoy it…!