By Pyro's for Pyro's

About Us

Welcome to our webshop.

Dear Pyro, we would like to take you through a selection of products, which are only available at our shop! Developed by us and further developed by us as well.

Here is a short story of how we started and how a dream can become reality.

Our team exists out of a small group of people, including me, Tim. Born as a Pyro and businessman, with quite some years of experience with fireworks, lots of years of passion and love for fire and fireworks. And still passionate! After years of making videos of firework, collecting, testing and comparing, I started this webshop, named Exclusive Pyro. 

By Pyro’s for Pyro’s..!

Our first products showed up in the end of 2016. Our name was official on February 17th, 2017! Our exclusivity drew the attention quite quickly, thanks to social media. This was particularly because of all the posts that were shared in the December months. Of course that led to progress and we are still really thankful for the people who shared our posts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube! A negotiation is always welcome. Originality is always a plus and we free our time for this!

Because of our success, we could expand our product range and again, we/I took a lot of hours to design new forms and shapes. We purchased new lighters, edited them or let them be edited. Later the category ‘Dummy’s’ was added. We produced them and sold them, some of them were sold out very quickly. Everything was handmade. Because of the great interest, this category as well, was expanded a few weeks later. Labels were designed, new product photos were made and all of this we do ourselves as well. There was, and is inspiration enough with all the years of experience. Sometimes an idea by a costumer is liked by other costumers as well. Or even an idea by a rival. Together Pyro.

Many do not realize that almost all products are handmade before they are up for sale. Did you know we test each lighter before edit them? Wrapped by our self. We do new invests in machines, tools.. A business world is a world full of risks. But not for nothing. We also improved our YouTube channel recently, we made reviews, did some tests and made product videos. We searched the internet for ‘unbox videos’ and made a playlist! You should also look up ‘unbox videos’ on our webshop, this way you can watch how we take care of your products and how we send them your way, care them. We believe these videos are very important because our products are handmade and unique and this way you can see what you can expect and what you are buying! We would like to really THANK all the YouTubers who devoted their time for this! Also a BIG thanks to all who were involved, all collaborations, sponsors and volunteers, THANKS! If you have an unbox video as well or any questions you could easily reach us on Instagram DM or Messenger and else email us at 

In the meantime we had quite some updates and we further developed each product to what we sell now, to our and our costumer’s liking. If you buy something at our webshop, it will be an exclusive purchase, which we carefully pack and send your way. We answer all your questions and we do our best to offer a quick service. If it’s for you or someone else, big or small, every order is the same to us! After all the time I put in this webshop I would like to say one more thing: it is a big gamble, but I am glad I took it..! Follow your dreams.

Pyro is always fusing, so is time. Enjoy it…!