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By Pyro's for Pyro's

About Us

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Talking about us, Exclusive Pyro is just a one-man operation. From the production and graphic designer work to packaging your products, often everything is done by Tim. The man who’s started it all. Since the end of 2017, it has been a pleasure for me to sell exclusively handmade pyro merchandise all over the world. I do have a lot of people who are working with me, but they are all friends, family and non-employees. 

After many years of experience, it’s still difficult to work with all types of people online. But I always do my very best to help everyone in the same way. Just a reminder to everyone, be patient… In this text, I am going to tell a short story of how it all started and how a dream can become reality.

I would like to take you through a selection of products, which are only available at our shop. Developed by us and further developed by us as well. Near this, we also have had several collaborations with official pyro factories such as Klasek, Di Blasio Elio and Zink. About our products, there is a lot to tell but too much to just give away. Experimenting within our projects often costs more than we want. But often in a way there is progress as well. 

Even tho this is a one-man operation, our team exists out of a small group of people who are helping me when needed sometimes in a payment way and sometimes in a friendly way. Talking about me, I am a born pyro and businessman, with many years of experience with fireworks. Even tho many things have changed, I still have a passion and love for fire and fireworks. After years of making videos of fireworks, collecting them, testing and comparing I started this webshop. By Pyro’s for Pyro’s...

Our first products appeared at the end of 2016 on my Instagram page. I launched 3 types of lighters with just a few prints. The sales did good and NYE was very special. The name Exclusive Pyro became official on February 17th, 2017. Our exclusivity drew the attention quite quickly in combination with social media. This was particularly because of all the posts that were shared in the December months too and the activity with many YouTubers and close Pyro’s, customers around the world. Of course that led to the success in the progress and we are still really thankful for the people who shared our posts, also on Facebook and even TikTok.

Because of the success, we could expand our product range and again, we/I took a lot of hours to design all of the digital files. Some of the designs we have are never published because of a leak of trust or time. We purchased new lighters, wrapped them, or let them be wrapped. Later the category ‘dummy’s’ was added. We produced them and sold them, and many of them were sold out very quickly. Everything was handmade and only available at Exclusive Pyro. Because of the great interest, this category as well, was expanded a few weeks later. More labels were designed, new product photos were made and were ready for the next round. We are still talking about the year 2017. Today, a lot of things have changed and we have had many product updates in the past years. Think about the Arc-X specials or the Multi Torch and Metal Torches that are made with all kinds of spray paint techniques. There is still inspiration enough with all the years of experience. Sometimes an idea by a customer is liked by other customers as well or even an idea by a rival. Your opinion is important to us!

In 2021 we also improved our YouTube channel and over the years we have received more and more reviews. If you feel like it, you should look up our webpage ‘unbox videos’ on our webshop, this way you can watch how we take care of your products and how we send them your way. We believe these videos are very important because our products are handmade. In this way, you can see what you can expect and what you are buying. In this way, I would like to thank all the YouTubers who devoted their time to this. Also, a big thanks to all who were involved, all collaborations, sponsors and volunteers. Thank you so much! If you have an unboxing video as well or any questions, reach us on Instagram DM or send an email to info@exclusivepyro.nl

Many do not realize that almost all products are handmade before they are up for sale. It costs a ton of time, everything together. For example, did you ever realize we test each lighter before these can be bought and before we wrap them ourselves? A business world is a world full of gambles. But not for nothing…

In the meantime, we have always looked up from the bright side and we had quite some updates. We further developed each product to what we sell now, to our costumer’s liking. If you buy something at our webshop, it will be an exclusive purchase, which we carefully pack and send your way. I always do my best to answer all your questions and I do my best to offer a quick service. 

Because our company is having a hard time with the worldwide economic problems, we would like to ask you to support our crowdfunding to upgrade our webshop. If you are interested or wondering what we exactly will do with the money, click here:

Thank you very much for reading
Pyro is always fusing and so is time… Enjoy it