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Last updated on 14 July 2021, 02:22

Welcome to Exclusive Pyro!

Exclusive Pyro has been active as an online webshop by selling and creating unique lighters and pyrotechnic-related products since 2016. This webshop is registered under the Dutch KVK number: 68104480 and is located in the municipality of 't Hof van Twente', the Netherlands. Besides the web store, this company also operates as a creative signing agency, 'CTP Creations'. As a one-man company, I mainly help local companies and individuals with stickering of vehicles, windows, facades, and much more. This name has never used online social media marketing on any platform, which I am personally very proud of. If you have any questions about this yourself, please feel free to contact me by email,

Returning to this webshop page, I want to take you, the visitor, through the story of the creation of this concept, the shop. And I'm also going to tell you something about my personal background, all the services EP offer and I want to shortly talk about some of the points that are currently taking place in society. As always I will try to keep everything as positive as possible. I would also like to share some product processes with you so you get a better idea of some of the Exclusive Pyro products.

Before you continue reading, I would like to emphasize that no image, statement, or expression on this webshop should lead to 'incitement'! As a store, we must assume that every visitor and/or customer is equipped with common sense. Everyone should always take his or her own responsibility. No matter where you come from or what your background is. If you doubt your brains, please always follow your instinct. Your inner burning fire

In short

The webshop Exclusive Pyro is known for its unique concept, exclusivity, and loyal service. The shop has a special, relatively simple look. But through all the individual images and banners over the years, it gives many visitors a nice and unique online shopping experience. As you may have heard before, as long as you stay ordinary long enough, you will become special! A large part of all products offered is only available here, handmade by me and sometimes with help from other people or companies. With many unique designs and strong products, Exclusive Pyro has a great selection of products. And since 2020, this webshop also offers some original merchandise from several different firework manufacturers from Europe. Many of the products you see here on the webshop are produced by customer requests, which is why EP uses the quote 'by Pyro's for Pyro's'.

My name is Tim and as a young businessman, I like to be creative with my hands and I love fireworks. I have been working for my own money since I was a kid and I like to be involved in (as diverse as possible) creative projects. I started this webshop out of a passion for pyrotechnic and in all the years, I have learned a lot. Practically as well as the business side. With a simple but unique concept with a relatively small customer base, this shop has become a global concept, with a nice group of customers who like to come back to the shop every year. Many products are sold with fireworks-related expressions, but EP is also focusing more on everyday design lighters, which are not related to fireworks. In this way, I hope to make the offer more interesting for a larger group of people! Because quality is one of the things I value, I choose only the best quality vinyl print films. These prints are printed by an external company, which uses only high-quality printers for the best quality print vinyl. Later I will tell you more about the vinyl EP is using. 

Some of EP's products are also available in several other places in Europe, which I am very proud of! But, the largest offer can only be found here. Are you, as an entrepreneur, seriously interested in selling EP products, and do you want to have business contact? Then please send an email to for more information.

Because the demand for personalization has also increased a lot, I want to offer my customers this possibility as well! So would you like to have your own brand, design, image, or logo on one of the showed products? Please also contact me at These requests are by invoice. Please note that the prices that are calculated are different than the prices you see here in the webshop. For several products, there is a minimum order.

Who is Exclusive Pyro?

About 5 years ago I launched this webshop and the range of products and categories is now larger than ever. I am Tim and at a young age, I was already very involved with fireworks. I could often be found outside in the streets with friends and yes, often with fireworks... Especially at New Year. And back in the days when I was little, it was never quiet in our neighborhood. Our neighbors were also big fans of fireworks and while I lived almost across the street from the fire department, that also gave an extra kick somehow. The neighbor with several German signal rockets was one of the things that were normal and on the 1st of January, the whole street was colored red.

Both my brothers are also fans of fireworks and my dad spent years in the marine fire department, which also brings nice stories. Going back together with the family in a full car from the neighboring countries was a fun thing for us as well and still. New Year's Eve for us has always been a tradition with fireworks and it will always be. Besides the hobby of fireworks, I have several ambitions and I am never bored. I like to make designs for my work and as a graphic designer and in my daily life I also like photography a lot. I like to travel, in my spare time, but also often work-related. And also to experience different firework festivals! 

My activities

Fireworks, as we all know, are very seasonal in most countries. And because this shop mostly comes down to me as one person, preparation is very important. Throughout the year I am most occupied with developing new ideas. New products are bought, edited, and tested. New designs have to been made and the webshop itself is also updated every year with new banners product images. On Youtube, several new videos have also appeared on Exclusive Pyro's channel in 2020. And more will follow! Also, all orders are mostly processed daily and the administrative part is also quite a bit!  Usable content for social media is also often thought about weeks in advance. The content of the various photoshoots I owe to several people who I can't thank enough! Hereby I want to thank these dear people once again! Thank you so much! <3 

Preparing through the year is one thing, but when there are many sales in a short period of time, the demand for re-production also increases. This is not always feasible and how quickly something is sold out is almost impossible to predict. Therefore, sometimes one runs into the fact that the desired product is already sold out... I, as the owner, am also the person who keeps track of all communications, so if you have any wishes about reproductions of certain products you can always email me about it. This way I could also inform you when the product is back in stock. 

You can imagine that I work long hours on a regular basis, but all this keeps me young and energic. I am grateful for a concept that allows me to combine many of my ambitions. Keeping the balance is very important, especially in the first few years the balance between private and business life had several extremes. But after all these years I am still glad that I never gave up. And that a balance has been created so that I can offer everyone the same service and I can rest assured by myself.

From then to now

The creation of anything never begins without a beginning. Believe me! You really have to want it yourself... Here is my story about the creation of this webshop and the way to the current range! One of the first products I offered for sale was the metal Jetroll lighter. I launched this product over 5 years ago on social media. I had photographed this one on a vacation in Croatia, months in advance. And this post panned out successfully on Instagram! The photo was shared by many different pages and orders kept coming in. The number of followers started to grow significantly and I got respect from many people. Later that year I also launched the Multi Torch (the then called Beast Torch) and the Pocket Torch, along with some small lighters and other products. The orders became so interesting around New Year that I officially registered with the KVK Amsterdam in early February 2017.

The first fixed costs were a fact and the blue envelopes (taxes) were on the doormat in no time. There was quite a lot coming my way. The demand for new products grew and grew, but at the same time, it was hard to run everything next to my regular job and my private life. It was almost impossible to do. My service was basically okay, but often messy. Long days, short nights... And meanwhile, the webshop was regularly down because of the many visitors. An angry (ex)girlfriend and friendships were diluting. Entrepreneurship costs more than one can often see, especially at the start of your own business it is very time-consuming.

Because of all-time pressure, I have had several products produced by, or with others. Many products were successful, but not always as expected. Fortunately, this always brought good lessons, and when I work with someone now, I always make sure I have the final control. Sometimes it still happens that I get into a knot because of time pressure. And when this happens it's really nice to have that extra help behind me. Love! <3

As my shop became better known, I was shared more and more on Youtube, which I am still grateful for! I've been filming and uploading firework videos for many years myself and I know how much time and effort it takes as a Youtuber. I still love to be on Youtube and I watch fireworks videos often in my free time. Many of these people are still the same people I worked within the past. So you see! Fireworks enthusiasts can be found in all waves of society and of course, the internet is ideal for this. From game channels to fishing vloggers, many support has made me grow into the success that EP is today! LOVE TO THOSE PEOPLE! <3

With time, the motivation became greater and the range became wider. So later came the entire collection of the plasma Arc-X electric lighters, which were at that time just on the market. This is the now called Arc-X Classic. I had this hydro-dipped at an extern company and this resulted in beautiful designs that are still sold today. Then a 3rd or 4th batch. The following year I launched the hand-wrapped Arc Blazer. Where the LED light behind the push button completes the total picture totally! This electric lighter also comes in a beautiful black gift box. With a charging cable and a free high cast vinyl sticker inside the box. Or take the Metal Torch, a beautiful lighter of outstanding brute quality, launched last year at the end of 2020. 

But there have also been many developments in dummies. Many of you have sent me requests for these and over the years a nice assortment has emerged. In addition, keychains are also popular and these are just as exclusive as everything else, some of which will only be available for a limited time. As Exclusive Pyro, I try not to have the same range in stock every year, to maintain exclusivity. Since this year it is also possible to send in your own design for several dummies, see for example this one.

The moral of this paragraph is, if you want something, you can. There is only a start needed. If you want something, only you can (must) want to take that step. Support from the right angle can help of course. And It may be easier if you already have a head start on something, for example in knowledge, but everything can be learned. You will have to give up things, dare to take risks. But above all, you have to want it. I had to take risks with serious money too, especially in the first two years and I had many doubts. Meanwhile, everything is clearly done from a clear business account and the risks I have to take are becoming easier for me. Not always without failing, but always with a lesson. 

Quality products 

For quality and exclusivity in lighters, you are definitely at the right place! But also in dummies and keychains, Exclusive Pyro has put itself on the map. Especially in the year 2020, with over 120 products in these 2 categories! Many keychains have been upgraded and improved. And also a number of dummies have received a 'BETA' upgrade. Here, for example, the fake quick-match has been improved because of the miniature size, or the finishing of some products. You might imagine it, but when you make things yourself manually... You depend on materials that never come from one manufacturer. In fact, I get my stuff from everywhere and nowhere! But sometimes I ran into the fact that I had to change materials because they are simple no longer available. Combined with time constraints, this has caused some confusion in the past, but this has always been discussed with the customer and always with a positive ending. 

Because EP does not have its own lighter factory, our lighters come from various factories of only the best quality. But there can always be a failure among them! Therefore, EP tests all lighters before processing them. This way, EP can guarantee the highest possible quality. This is done with a minimum amount of butane gas and all lighters are getting cleaned at the same time. Of course, all wraps are set by myself. And when mounting these vinyl prints, hygiene and a dust-free environment are very important. I am always wearing gloves when wrapping the lighters and several lighters are sold in black gift bags or product boxes, where they are kept safe and dust-free. 

Besides the many enthusiastic fireworks freaks about EP's quality, I also had contact with several people who were very enthusiastic about the quality of several lighters! I have spoken to customers such as metalworkers, stoners, artists, woodworkers, and even dentists! Which made me focus my attention on other categories over the years more! For example, on EP you can find lighters with barbecue prints, metal prints, universe designs, cannabis designs, and even many art-like expressions! Be also sure to check out the new Arc-X Limited category as well!

Materials and Tools

As mentioned earlier, I specialize in vinyl foils because I have worked a lot with this material in the past years. This has ensured that all the vinyls prints you can find here are made of the best premium quality! Printed with high-quality printers, which you only see in the professional printing world. Each vinyl print has a transparent high-cast vinyl top layer, which provides an extra-strong sticker for long-lasting guaranteed quality. This top layer is a laminate that is rolled over the print, combined with high pressure and a hot temperature. This is laminate is available in matt, silk gloss, and high gloss. Ment to protect the print against scratches, impacts, and fading of the print. These vinyl prints are used for all lighters, keychains, dummies, ashtrays, stickers, signs, and so on. In the category stickers, you can also find Plastic stickers, this material is used by most webshops. These stickers are mostly sold per 5 pieces and the price is also cheaper. Faded vinyl prints after years of use? You won't see that with Exclusive Pyro products! Unless it has been lying in the burning sun for 10 years...

But because the company was finally winning money at the end of 2019, I invested in a professional cutting machine, a textile press, and a 3D printer. Which gives me the possibility to produce all the cuttable vinyl by myself. This also made it possible to cut my own textile vinyl for clothing and combined with the textile press I was able to launch several new products in the category of clothing. And the 3D printer made it possible to print almost all the plastic parts for many dummies. This 3D printer is currently also used for other products, such as the Arc-X Pyro Special and some Arc-X Limited lighters are made with this machine.

So I work mostly with the same materials. But if you look at the full range of products, there are many more types of materials than just vinyl and plastic. All the dummies and keychains are mostly made of cardboard and paper. And for some dummies I also use wood, hard foam, or light PVC. I do this deliberately, to avoid any problems with the justice system. Because the dummy remains as light as possible in weight. Packages to foreign countries are sometimes opened before the scan! And in this way, possible destruction is prevented. In addition, all dummies have a visible 'DUMMY' sticker and I only use a fake fuse! 

Since 2019 I have also been working more and more with Epoxy. This is a transparent resin, which becomes as hard as glass. This material is very pricey and unfortunately has cost many failed experiments. Epoxy is very chemical and can cause unexpected reactions. Meanwhile, I use this material regularly for new batches for the electric Arc-X Pyro Specials and since July 2021 I am using this material also for the Arc-X Limited lighter. In 2019 I launched the first product with this material, this was the then-new, with one design; the Cobra 6 Arc-X Special. Which was sold out pretty quickly. This electric lighter has been finished with several layers of spray paint by hand with a transparent topcoat. With this 3D printed emblem on the front and a vinyl print placed inside, completely molded in a high-quality clear Epoxy. A unique lighter that is very popular among various lighter collectors!

Social media

As I mentioned earlier, social media has been very helpful in growing my business. But looking back at all the years of work and effort, I lost a lot of followers and my reach isn't what it was before. With over 10k followers, the statistics are very low. As everyone knows, followers come and go, that's normal. But there are weird things going on, things that you and I can't see. But realize, that one company of incalculable value, has all these platforms together under one power. A future with robots may not sound strange, but if we are digital, taken over to such an extent, it puts us farther and farther far from our natural being. As much power as they have, it makes it unpredictable what impact they could have on society. Targeting your location, all your personal data, everything is collected, always, continuously.

Social media pages are getting deleted, algorithms are (in my opinion) continuously changing. Do some research yourself and you'll find out. Why do you think so many people start new platforms? How many people feel depressed? Ask yourself, do you really agree with all these cookies and deception? 

There are more things that make me angry and I'm not going to name them here. But I do think that everyone should be aware of the truth. That we allow ourselves, all of us, to be part of this power is almost bizarre, but it is the reality. When will the turning point come? Like many, I use social media for fun. But take a step back once in a while! Keep your circle small, fuck status! A lot of us people are about to freak out, but for what?! It's all about the money... Remember, the Internet is NOT the reality. Ask yourself what is wealth or what is poverty to you? And what is your perspective versus someone else's? Don't let the Internet play too big a role in this. You will be misled! A company with only a few major shareholders that the nastiest and most powerful corporations profit with, including your govrnmnt. 

Because for many people fireworks are a form of release and an expression of pleasure, I am quite concerned. If I look honestly at the many developments in the world, it seems almost as if everything that brings joy, is twisted negatively in the mainstream media. Or that there is simply a ban on it. Unless of course, it is about social media, sugar, pathogenic drugs, or alcohol. And maybe I am scaring some people, but it is not wrong to be confronted with reality. You better watch your health! 

Where we are, there has been a major act going on for a number of years. In fact, one after the other. As long as we are allowed to live in fear and afraidness to die, or even afraid to live in health. Unrest and division make a society weak. Don't give in to it. People are born to die, just as a disease could if nature wants it. 

But I haven't forgotten that I said I wanted to keep it positive! I am super thankful for all the people that are still supporting me on social media! There are so many people who have shared my products and tagged me regularly, I am grateful for that! This is even one of the reasons that I am active on my business social media! I am focussing on the positive as much as possible and I like to focus on my passion for fireworks. But I would like to continue doing this! Unfortunately, I have received warnings on several platforms. And it feels like it is only a matter of time. But in the end, everyone should know for themselves that being aware of reality is not a bad thing. Keep asking questions! And choose for yourself. Especially now in these times, your attention is easily distracted, flooded with negativity. Do not allow this and do not blindly believe everything you see or read. The media is all too excited to create hate! I'm talking about mainstream television and newspapers but also certain several big social media accounts that seem to focus on humorous memes, but meanwhile... Do you feel like you are addicted to your phone or social media, turn off your internet for an evening!!! Protect your peace.

Live your life

I don't have to tell you that life is endless. Therefore, do not live in the past or in the future, but just try to live in the moment! Fuck online society, take care of yourself and your loved ones, grow together.

Exclusive Pyro now has hundreds of products in its range and my ideas aren't finished at all. I go for positivity and who is in, who can join! I hope you like the upgraded website and I am hoping that I can bring people positive energy more and more through my products! Products that are made out of passion and love! Exclusive Pyro became a part of my life and it's an honor to work for many people all around the world.

Everyone who supports me in the community I would like to thank once again because without you this shop would not be able to stand. The fact that you are here makes it possible to spread my content further and further! And makes it more and more people start and think about the fact that fireworks are more than the media likes to portray! We are human with rights too, with a passion and a warm heart. Through this way, I hope to motivate you to always keep your responsibility and safety for yourself and others.

The Future

The future is always a mystery, but I am aware of the fact that firework is a relatively unstable market in many ways. From what I think, the economy will not improve in the coming years. And all the developments that are already going on worldwide do not exactly help me. Transport costs have risen bizarrely and there are also a number of manufacturers who can no longer supply stock to EP. There are also serious warnings in various sectors, about a shortage of materials and this is also one of the reasons why some prices have risen this year. But together with you, I have a reason to continue the journey and to think of solutions!

That a lot has changed in the fireworks industry is something that probably every Pyro can agree on. This was even for me 5 years ago, one of my reasons to launch this shop! To preserve the hobby and to give it with confidence, only positive attention! Fighting negativity works best with positivity, have faith. Yes, I have faith in the fireworks community, in the fireworks industry, and in the end also in society in general. Left or right, the fire must burn! And there will always be fireworks. Joy can be celebrated with fireworks! As a webshop, I can of course talk easily. But also as a hobbyist, I can't help more by just embrace my passion for this hobby. Together we must be able to prove that what the media claims, is not true. That fireworks have nothing to do with vandalism, violence, or the problems in our ecosystem. 

Although I like to keep it positive, I can't promise anything about the future of this shop. There is still a ton of time going into this webshop and I can't predict how and what the developments will be in the future. I work a lot in the evenings but I also have my limits. Requests for new products are always welcome, together we keep the passion alive!

Pyro is always fusing, so is time. Enjoy it...!