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Shipment and Retour


If you choose to order from us, you choose for exclusivity and simple but good service. Your order will always be packed the same day, and mostly shipped on the same day too. Sometimes one day later, depending on holidays and Sundays. If the shipment time is much longer than usual, there will be a note at the top of the webshop with the delayed date of shipment. We have been working with Postnl for years because we care about reliability. The moment your order leaves our door, you will receive an email from us or from Postnl. Depending on which shipping option you chose. The email will include your shipment information and the time of delivery. 

How long the shipping will take, depends on your order, which shipping method you chose and where the packet has to go to. Generally, shipment by a packet is the fastest way to receive your order. Because we are depending on an extensional company (Postnl), we keep our shipment service as honest and clear as possible. That way we can prevent disappointments and misunderstandings. With us, you don't have to think about workdays or a limited daytime before you place an order (like "Order before 17h and receive your order the next day").  By doing this we keep it simple for you, and for ourselves. Especially with the corona around nowadays, we have to deal with unpredictable shipping times sometimes. We do strive for a quick and short shipping time but we don't guarantee it in 24h. Just to keep it honest with our customers. 

To give you an indication we can say that normally an order inside the Netherland will take just one till 2 days to get to your front door. Shipping outside the Netherlands will take two to 7 days mostly. Sending outside Europe will take a week to 3 weeks, depending on how big your order is. Unfortunately, this is out of our power to make this progress faster. And we do everything to make the shipment time as short as possible. Of course, there is always a small change in delay, depending on holidays or maybe a technical failure inside Postnl. In this case, we or Postnl will always contact you personally. 

Because many web shops offer free shipping, we would like to explain why we do not have a free shipping arrangement. The point is that transport costs must be paid anyway. So if you are offered free shipping somewhere, you have definitely paid for it. This is often included in a percentage of your purchase. Especially when you buy several products at once you quickly pay too much. This is not the case with us, and you know what you are paying for!

We have been around for 3 years now and since the beginning, we pack everything by ourselves. We do this to make sure that every product leaves our door in the correct state. This allows any additional customer requirements to be carried out easily and in a controlled manner. And Postnl ensures that it arrives neatly at the final destination. We also always test whether the product works correctly before it is packaged. We find this very important especially with our lighters, so they are always tested before they are shipped. We only use a small amount of butane gas for this, as sending full lighters by post is not allowed. Ordering a butane gas canister with the purchase is never a wrong plan! Unless of course, you opt for an electric lighter! ;)

With some products, we also have included gift boxes (this is stated with the product). And we have various gift bags, for our key rings, for example. Furthermore, almost all products are packed in foam or bubble foil. Of course, every order includes free extras, such as stickers, dummies, or lighters. As a thank you for their interest and for purchase. Usually at our own discretion, and sometimes at the request of the customer. Do you have special wishes concerning the packaging material? As a gift or with a message? Mail us before or immediately after your order and we will fulfill your wishes for free! It is also possible to add a comment when placing the order.

If you live in or around 't Hof van Twente, pick up is no problem. An appointment must be made for this. See “contact”.


If the product is not as desired and is unused, (including original packaging). You can always contact us via the email address below. Returns without emailing are also not a problem, but to ensure that the process runs as quickly as possible, it is advisable to contact us in advance. The purchase amount will be refunded after we have received the product. Exchange is also an option. Please fill in the form below for returns.

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