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Unboxing Video's

Youtube Unboxing videos 

Did you know that a lot of firework freaks worldwide share their firework experiences, through a Youtube channel? They take you along with them when they set off fireworks, buy fireworks or visit firework shows! But, also for unboxing videos and reviews the Youtube platform is very popular. Over time there are many small Youtube channels and there are some large channels too that have a huge worldwide reach. Until now you can still generate income from these channels, despite the many unpleasant developments on this platform. Unfortunately, the revenues in recent years also very reversed by Youtube. And from a higher power, more and more content is being blocked or channels are being completely removed and banned. For the hard-working Youtuber, this is of course very annoying but that is why I am personally very grateful that there are still many different channels committed to our name. Are you curious already? Below you will find several unboxing videos that are recorded in 'cooperation with' and voluntarily.

Maintaining such a channel often takes a lot of time and don't forget the investments in all the equipment and software involved. I am very grateful to many people and we also support various channels, by motivating activities and collaborations that take place from time to time. But there is also a lot of volunteering going on and I am very grateful for that! Paying people for content is something EP has never done. So if you see products from us anywhere online, you can be sure that the person is not bribed like most other influencers nowadays!

Below you will find a collection of different unboxing videos that are displayed below each other. Do you prefer to watch them on Youtube itself? Or do you want to leave a comment or like? Then click here! Also, don't forget to subscribe to these people!

Exclusive Pyro is also active on Youtube, where you can find several product videos. In the future, new product videos will appear on Youtube. If you want to stay up to date, click here and subscribe!